My First Degen are live

Myfirst Degen
2 min readMar 30, 2021


Many of you may know my art from stickers I have created for various projects I’ve been involved in.

I didn’t ask for any compensation for these, they were purely a labor of love, it had been such a long time since I’ve done any artwork and crypto/NFTs have given me back that passion.

They have been so well received that I thought I would tokenise them and make these into custom collectables on a limited mint.

The first ever minted “My First Degen”

Was #247 out of a total 248.

Why 247? Well 248 is a special number and chosen for a reason…🏀🏀❤ Kobe ❤🏀🏀

I will release at least 1 Degen a day, with many collaboration lined up with the projects I have already been in contact with.

Some custom Degens such as NiFTygotchi and Block Duelers NFT BATTLES.

Also some influential Degens for my fav shillers such as Pepe - AdamHODL and El Crypto Chapo to auction off or giveaway to their groups.

“Stay following for some great Degens being released daily.”